Best Selling 510 Thread Batteries For Optimal Vaping

    510 thread batteries are the most optimal vape for cartridges. While there are so many variations of cartridge based devices, the traditional 510 battery remains king. 

    We put a full list together in order to give you the best bang for you buck and most effective vaping experience.


    1. EVOD Twist 510 Battery

    This has been one of the best selling batteries on the market. It has also been that way for YEARS. The concept is extremely simply and has remained unchallenged in the vaping industry. The battery comes in a wide array of sizes which allows for longevity in terms of a charge. At the bottom of the battery is a dial that you can twist to adjust for varying voltage. 

    The affordability also comes into play here with prices ranging from $7.99 - $19.99 which is perfect for those looking to pick up a quality pen on the fly.


    2. CCELL Palm Cartridge Vaporizer

    This battery changed the game in 2018. One of the main reasons why so many choose this battery is due to how it fits in a users palm as well as its size. As opposed to the battery above, many choose this battery due to in compact size. While the EVOD Twist is still the best selling cartridge device, the CCELL Palm Cartridge Vaporizer fits in the pocket perfectly. 

    With traditional stick-type vaporizers, the issue stems from keeping it in a users pocket. Time and time again users will put it in their pocket, bend over, and instantly feel a snap. That level of dread:

    "Did I crack then pen?"


    "Did I crack my cartridge?"

    The latter is the more serious issue. You just spent a ton of money on your cartridge and you want it to have some form of protection. This is where the sleek design of the CCELL Palm Cartridge Vaporizer comes in. It uses a magnetic ring that you attach to the 510 thread. From there you slide it into the battery itself in order to keep the elements from potentially harming your cartridge!

    3. OOZE Pen With Charger

    The OOZE Pen with Charger gives users everything they need from the start. While other pens will require you to purchase the USB charging port separately (something that we still don't know why). 

    This pen provides an optimal battery life and comes in a multitude of awesome colors in order to give some personality to the owner. 

    This battery also comes in three different voltage settings which ranges from 3.3 volts -4.8 volts. The latter of which is meant for thicker cartridges. 

    4. KandyPens 350 mAh 510 Thread Battery

    The KandyPens battery is specifically designed for your denser cartridges. It provides enough power to liquify your cartridge on a colder day when the juice can coagulate while not enough power to burn out your cartridges atomizer. 

    This pen is the perfect gift for those who suffer from winter weather. 

    5. KandyPens Special K

    Need something to keep hidden while at work? Is your boss constantly hounding you? Maybe you need something to help you get through the day. Well, this pen is the perfect balance of performance and discretion. Heck it LOOKS like a regular pen. It also comes with a cap to help protect your cartridge when you aren't using it.

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