Longer Vape Battery Life: Top Tips

    Your vape battery can last you a whole lot longer if you take some simple precautions. 

    If you are looking to take care of your expensive products, then its a good idea to charge your batteries the right way. In this list, we are going to cover the best practices for taking care of your 18650 mod batteries as well as your cartridge device battery.

    18650 Vape Battery Steps

    Every new vaper has gone through the ordeal of having their batteries drain exponentially. You find yourself at your local smoke shop way too often and spending too much money just to have your vape work properly. There are a number of reasons why this might be so lets go through them!

    1. Stop Using The Charging Port

    The USB charging port on vape mods that use 18650 batteries are typically for software or firmware updates. While it CAN charge your mod, the prolonged use of this method will cut down the half-life of your battery. In fact, it actually causes a lot of stress for the device!

    On top of that, many people who charge their battery via the cable leave it plugged in over night. This causes your battery to shorten its life span on top of what is already occurring.

    A way to solve this issue is to spend the extra money on a charging dock/bay. For an extra 20 dollars, this will save you spending a multitude of 15 dollars each time your batteries short out. Now, we know how much a full setup can cost but isn't it better to do it the right way the first time? That little extra will save you greatly in the long run!

    2. Make Sure You Aren't Overcharging Your Batteries

    Even with a charging dock, your batteries will last much longer if you take them off when they are fully charged. Now, this doesn't mean you need to take them off immediately, there is some wiggle room, but overall you want to take them off when the light turns green and they are ready to go.

    The reason we suggest this is that energy currents are still being forced through the battery even if it's fully charged. This will absolutely cause the battery to stress and "tire out". This will also cut the battery life dramatically. 

    Cartridge Pen Etiquette 

    You just picked up your favorite cartridge and you're ready to chill for the night or weekend. You unplug your cartridge pen to find that its blinking all sorts of colors around the button. Uh-oh. 

    So here are the most common reasons why this has happened.

    You Used A Fast Charging System

    We get it. It charges you phone really quick, but for small vape batteries, it's too much. So-much-so that its going to stress the life out of your battery in a short amount of time. 

    The best way to charge your pen is to use any sort of slower system. The small Apple block chargers work really well, as well as using your computer, laptop or video game console. Those will adequately charge your pen (without it taking TOO much time) and keep its longevity for a lot longer!

    You Left It Charging All Night

    It's easy to plug something to charge and forget about it. Typically, your cell phone shouldn't be charged this way, but we all do it...whatever. Your pen is no different. The longer you leave it charging past the full point, the shorter the lifespan will be. 

    Your Voltage Is Set WAY Too High

    Let's be real. You wanted the fattest rip each time so you turned the voltage all the way up. Well, thats never good. Most batteries have setting that go way beyond what you or I use them for. I keep my voltage between 2.2 and 2.7 volts for a clean, mellow hit that provides what I need. 

    There are other problems that can occur if your voltage is too high. You also run the risk of shorting out the atomizer in your cartridge. If you do that, well, all that high quality oil or wax is just sitting in there with no way to get it out. You'll be stuck with the messy job of taping the old cartridge to a new one end-to-end and using a lighter to melt it into the new one. Nobody wants to do that and you don't even get 100% results. It's better to avoid that problem altogether by simply lowering the voltage. 

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